How to diagnose infectious Madras eye

Madras eye complication or conjunctivitis is an infectious disease affecting the human eyes. It is caused by viral infection (adenovirus), bacterial infection, allergies and the irritants/chemicals. A pink eye condition substantiated by irritation, discharge, inflammation and acute redness calls for effective home remedies that are to provide faster relief from the inflammation of the eyes.Though maximum numbers of the experienced people can identify the pink eye, in many cases only a medical examination is needed in order to diagnose the type of infectious conjunctivitis diseases.

If you diagnose the pink eye syndromes through prima facie observation you can go for many relief-oriented home remedies dealing with pink eye effectively. If you notice some discharge in a form of whitish, brownish or yellowish color, such condition substantiates the pink eye syndrome. As the infection is one of the major culprits causing conjunctivitis, there may be several causes developing the complication of pink eye such as feces, hair of pet, smoke, dust, or fume. Chemical substances also can cause pink eye complication. Those affected from asthma or eczema also are susceptible to pink eye infectious disease.

A person rubbing his eyes with pus-like discharge can be recognized as an individual affected from conjunctivitis or pink eye syndrome. Besides, the individuals victimized of conjunctivitis of pink eye complication encounter a great difficulty in opening their eyes after waking up in the morning. Their eyelids get stick due to a thick discharge or mucus jamming the eyes after getting dried up.

Causes of pink eye

* Bacteria.

* Virus.

* Irritating substance or material in the eyes.

* Allergies.

* Ophthalmia neonatorum.

* STDs (sexually transmitted diseases).

Hope this information is useful to all.