Signs and symptoms of Madras eye / conjunctivitis

The human eyes affected from conjunctivitis or pink eye syndromes can be identified easily by the redness, discharge and inflammation. The redness in the conjunctivitis-affected eyes are known, in medical term, as the hyperaemia, while the inflammation or irritating burning sensation is depicted as chemosis. The watery discharge from the infected eyes is another critical condition termed as epiphora of the pink eye. Pink eye caused by bacterial infection or viral infection are not supposed to be treated with any medicated medicine but some natural home remedies meant for pink eye or conjunctivitis can provide a great relief to the affected individual. Though the conjunctivitis caused by bacteria or virus caused can’t be treated, there is an exceptional case of pink eye syndrome, known as herpetic keratoconjunctivitis which has been treated with antiviral acyclovir.