Home remedies for Madras eye

The pink/ Madras eye is a contagious disease spreading from one person to another. Only good hygiene and protection from the infection is the effective way to keep oneself immune to pink eye syndromes. However we are sharing with you a few proven home remedies for the pink eye or conjunctivitis.

* Splash eyes with icy cold water- Splashing the pinkeye-affected eyes with icy cold water provides a great relief from existing inflammation of conjunctivitis. Placing a towel (soaked in coldest water) over the eyes also serves as one the most effective natural home remedies for pink eye.

* Wash your eyes with eyebright tincture- Boil one cup of water and after letting it become cool, mix a few drops of eyebright tincture in it. Now use it to wash your infected eyes to deal with pink eye problem.

* Cold water- It is one of the most effective home remedies for pink eye providing a faster relief to the individuals affected from allergic conjunctivitis. Pouring the cold water over the head of individual, affected from pink eye constricts the capillaries of infected eyes obstructing in this way a discharge and lessening the inflammation of infected eyes.

Though such type of home remedy for infectious pink eye disease has got to help the patients, affected from conjunctivitis, some mediated anti-inflammatory antihistamines (medicines for allergies) also can be used to deal with the inflammation of conjunctivitis by the affected individuals.

* Honey- Having antibacterial property the honey is a highly effective natural substance used as a result oriented home remedy. Though honey causes a vigorous burning sensation in the eyes when dropped straight into the eyes, it removes inflammation of pinkeye much faster providing a great relief to the individual. Those who can’t tolerate its vigorous inflammation can mix it into the water to reduce its intensity. Believe it or not, the honey is an unchallenged proven home remedy for pink eye, experiments all over the world.

* Juice of Neem leaves- Take the fresh green leaves of Neem and grind them to make a paste of grinded leaves. Filter out the green juice and fill it in a well-cleaned glass. Now put a few drops of Neem juice in the conjunctivitis-affected eyes. Though a person suffering from pink eye complication is to experience stinging pain in the infected eyes, he will feel shortly afterwards a great relief from the inflammation of pinkeye. Putting the Neem juice into the conjunctivitis-affected eyes two to three times a day has got to remove complication of pink eye much faster.The Neem is used in India is used as one of most effective home remedies for pink eye or conjunctivitis.

* Antibiotics- If the conjunctivitis is supposed to have been caused by bacterial infection the doctors recommend the antibiotics, the eye drops or ointments also are recommended for a faster relief from the inflammation of conjunctivitis or pink eye. Though a natural home remedy like the Neem juice deals with the bacterial infection amazingly, a chronic and exacerbated conjunctivitis is required a prompt medical attention.

* Viral conjunctivitis- Though a viral infection is not to be treated with any medicine, one of the effective ways to deal with such virus-caused pink eye is not touching the conjunctivitis with fingers. It is the cleanliness and good hygiene which prevent viral infection from spreading further.

* Chemical conjunctivitis- If you come across someone affected from chemical-caused conjunctivitis, use saline-solution as a result-oriented home remedy. In case you find chemical conjunctivitis exacerbating beyond, consult the doctor immediately. Keep remember, in a critical condition of any pinkeye-affected individual you should not waste your time to explore any result-oriented natural home remedy.

* Chamomile flower- It is one of the result-oriented home remedies for pink eye which you can go for in order to deal with conjunctivitis of infected eyes. You can make it at home very easily as what you’ve to do is only to put fresh chamomile flowers into a glass for sometime so as to let the water have its natural effect. You can smash also the petals of such remedial flower and then mix in cold water. The filtered water has got to serve as a highly effective home remedy for pink eye providing a faster relief to the conjunctivitis-affected individuals.

* Elderberry blossom tea- Drops of elderberry blossom tea also can treat the infection of eyes as one of the result-oriented home remedies for pink eye providing a faster relief to the patients from existing inflammation.

* Fennel seed water- If you are looking for some most effective home remedies for pink eye then you can try fennel seed water as well. Just take some fennel seeds and boil them in water. The boiled water containing fennel seeds should be filtered. Let the water get cool. Now put a few drops of it in the pink eye-affected eyes. Providing a fastest relief from inflammation, such home remedy removes the redness of eyes and pus-like discharge amazingly.

* Lukewarm milk of cow- Cow’s milk also has proved to be one of the highly effective home remedies for pink eye providing a faster relief from inflammation of infected eyes to the individuals.

* Place the paste of potatoes- Having anti-inflammatory effects the potato also is used as one of the effective home remedies for pink eye. Make the paste of fresh raw potato and place over the conjunctivitis-affected eyes for ten minutes of time. You can repeat such process many times a day if it provides a relief from the inflammation of pink eye.

* Turmeric- Turmeric with antibacterial property also has proved itself to be an effective home remedy for pink eye. Prepare a paste of it in boiled water. Cool it. Now apply it over the pinkeye-affected eyes. Such homemade preparation is to serve as an exceptional treatment removing the inflammation of infected eyes amazingly.

* Aloe vera juice- Soak a cotton fabric in Aloe vera and place it over the pinkeye-affected eyes. Serving as one of exceptional home remedies the Aloe vera juice has to help the individuals get rid of their pinkeye much faster.

* Rosewater- Rosewater is another home remedy treating the pinkeye amazingly. Few drops of rosewater is sufficient in helping you get rid of pink eye. But be ready to experience a tingling sensation of rosewater. If you manage to tolerate few seconds’ inflammation of rosewater, you will get rid of pink eye sooner.

* Barberry solution- Having antibacterial property the barberry also serves as a proven home remedy for pink eye. To make the barberry solution, boil the water containing barberry for fifteen minutes of time. The solution after being filtered has got to help the affected ones have a relief from the burning sensation of their infected eyes.

* Boric acid- Boric acid also is widely used as an effective eye-wash ceasing the conjunctivitis to exist effectively. Used all over the world as one of the proven home remedies for pink eye, the boric acid copes with the pink eye so effectively that even the doctors advise theirs patients to use boric acid as the natural treatment of pink eye. Prepare a boric acid solution in boiling water. Let the solution become cool. Now put a few drops of such solution into the conjunctivitis-affected eyes. Boric acid solution reduces not only the inflammation but removes the reddishness and mucus of eyes as well.

* Black tea- Astonished! But it has got to recover you from your pink eye amazingly. Prepare a tea without milk and sugar. Put a few drops of the lukewarm black tea into the eyes. It also is one of effective alternates of home remedies for pink eye which you should go for without any hesitation.

* Breast milk- Though it is a rare privilege very few of the conjunctivitis affected individuals can enjoy, it has got to serve as one of unique home remedies for pink eye complication. Make sure that the breast milk be fresh. If you want to see how far such pink remedy is effective, use it and see its amazing effects over the infected eyes.

* Chamomile tea bags- Placing the Chamomile tea bag for ten to fifteen minutes of time over the conjunctivitis affected eyes also serves as one of the widely used home remedies for pink eye.

* Marigold- Compressing the marigold over infected eyes also works as antiseptic and anti bacterial substance offering extraordinary home remedy for pink eye removing inflammation of eyes.

* Coaster oil- Last but not the least is coaster oil providing a great relief from the inflammation of pinkeye amazingly. Just put a few drops of coaster oil straight into the eyes and see how effectively it serves as one of the result-oriented home remedies for pink eye.

Hope this information is useful to all.