Precautions for Madras Eye

Madras eye affected patients should avoid consuming some specific food items such as white bread, potatoes, puddings, pies, sugar, jams and pastries, etc. But what they should consume on a priority basis are the juices of fresh raw fruits like carrot, spinach, pomegranate and pineapple. Such fruits are conducive for the pink eye. Besides, vitamin A and B2 enriched foods also are to help the pinkeye-affected patients recover much faster from their conjunctivitis.

Milk, butter, curd, pumpkin, tomatoes, mango and papaya are the remedial edibles which a conjunctivitis affected individual should adhere to. Other compatible foods rich in vitamin B2 are the green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, bananas and almonds. Follow some following tips as well.

* Wash the eyes with saline solution.

* Keep wearing sunglasses in order to prevent the infection of pinkeye.

* Avoid swimming in the pools.

* Do not touch your pinkeye-affected eyes.

I hope this article is useful to all.