Swamy Nithyananda scandal video Affair with an actress

Did you watch sun news? If not, then Click and watch the video here

A saint who called by people as ’swami nithyananda’ has been caught by camera when he was doing sex with unknown tamil actress (some sources say it is actress Ranjitha but it is not officially confirmed) in bedroom. Tv channel also said that bedroom may located on ashram or hotel. But this is not a new news and doesn’t shocked us. Because most of the samiyar’s are addicted to sex and they hidden that under the name of God. We also saw that famous samiyars premananda, sangrachariyar (by the report on nakkeeran) are linked with ladies. Nithyanandha joined on that list.

I personally asking those who spends their money to those culprits that please spend your money on good deeds.

"God is love and love is god" - This is what all the religion in this world teaching us. But I still don't know why people are going behind cheating saints.

Nakkeeran has confirmed the video is Nithyananda with Tamil actress ranjitha
Checkout the video without face masking

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