Shame On SUN TV & Media To Release Nithyananda Scandal Video

Hi friends, I have just came across the news in my most pervert news channel in my regional language Tamil, I must say its really shame on their part to release this really useless news to public and I feel totally bad about the public’s reaction on the whole subject.

Here is my stand point on the whole issue:

1. What is wrong in Nithyananda having sex with a girl? Who are we as a public or as an individual to judge that its wrong for a person like Nithyananda to have sex?

2. Who said Gods don’t have sex?
May jesus did not had sex, but all Hindu gods had sex, even Kamasutra which was written by Vatsyayana is a sannyasin. People’s idea that God’s don’t have sex came from christianity so if you think people like Nithyananda don’t have sex then its not something that is wrong on his part, its primarily wrong on your part, if you are an Hindu you are being brainwashed by Christian ideas that Gods don’t have sex. May be if these people like SUN TV can try to keep spy cams on other people’s bedroom and open a big scandal videos channel to the public.

3. Nithyananda And His Foundation Should Sue SUN TV:

Who gave rights to SUN TV to place spy cams on whats happening in someone else’s bed room and telecast it to public? its the most shameful act that can be done by most respected TV channel in south India.

I am not a disciple of Nithyananda personally but being a third person I feel shame on my people and the type of media which people are exposed to in my place.

I think Nithyananda should come forward and take this case to court and sue SUN TV for telecasting this video to public!

I want to make it more clear for people who think that I am supporting Nithyananda which is NOT TRUE!

I am against MEDIA FOR TELECASTING SUCH VIDEOS!! Which is illegal!