Treatment of Flu

Hi Readers!Hope you all have a great day ahead.Today i am going to tell you all treatment of flu.Flu is one of the diseases that often attack humans, if the weather changes so many people will get the flu, here are tips you can use your presents the flu

1. Stay at home.
Rest at home. Do not travel because sometimes the wind outside the home that can aggravate the flu.

2. Full bed rest.
Get plenty of sleep, this is due to accelerate healing sleep, the process of healing can work faster.

3. Gargling with salt solution
Salt water can help remove mucus that clog the throat and helps restore sore throat.

4. Drinking a lot of white water
Lots of white water utility. In addition to reduce the fever, white water also help replace lost mucus from the nose when the flu.

5. Inhaling steam
By inhaling the hot steam, is believed to loosen and open the lines of a clogged nose so that breathing can be launched.

Hope this information is useful to all.