Planning for a Vacation in Rome

Hi Readers! Hope you all have a great day day ahead. Happy to meet you all after a hectic day at office. Each and every day I blog about different topics, today also I came out with an interesting post.My school friend Dan is doing medicine in Georgia.Last month he went to Rome for vacations.Rome, the Eternal City, is a virtual must-see for any would-be traveler: Italy buffs, students of history, international art lovers and global gourmands. Tourists from all around the world have their own perceptions of the Italian capital, and Rome's diversity is sure to please even the most world-weary traveler.There are wide range of quality hotels available in Rome.He searched lot of hotels to stay in the Rome.Finally he got a beautiful hotel to stay.He went to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Piazza del Campidoglio, Vatican City and the Vatican museums.He was very excited and asked to go to Rome for this summer vacation.So I am planning to go Rome for this summer vacation to enjoy with my family!