Personalized ceramic mugs

Hi Readers,It is good to see myself blog after a hectic day. I had a lot of work and it took me hours and hours to complete my pending work.Yesterday, me and my girl friend met at a restaurant. The last time that we met was two weeks ago. We don't called each other much because she is working and I am also busy.She showed me the very beautiful personalized mugs that she bought recently.I didn't expect that what she showed to me was her gift to me. I was not expecting that day of receiving a surprised gift from her.I was so surprised by her wise idea. It is indeed, an extraordinary gift.Hereafter every time when I see the mug, I will always reminded of her.I would love to keep it forever.I am going to give her ceramic mugs with the post of her picture on its view this coming Valentines day.Advanced Valentines day wishes to you all.