ASAL to release on February 5 Worldwide

Hi Friends, Here’s the greatest happy news for all ‘Thala’ fans. The film ‘ASAL’ has come out extraordinarily well and this was heard straight from the shoulders of those who saw the film recently. The film was slated to hit screens on February 12 and now it’s getting so gleeful to hear that it will get released on February 5.

The film is about a family in France wedged between serious situations and the complete second half is filled with twists and turns when MGR meets Sivaji Ganeshan.

Does it sound quite puzzling and interesting as well? Uh-huh! The actual turning in the film is where both father and son (both played by Ajith Kumar) meet each other.

The censor board officials have passed ‘U/A’ for some slight violent contents with dialogue mutes and will hit the screens on Feb 5. The advertisements for release date will be published from tomorrow and the booking plans will be opened from this Sunday (Jan 31).

So get ready for the ‘ASAL’ feast as it is said to be a sleek and stylish thriller with racy screenplay. The complete film’s duration is reported to be just 2Hrs15mins and every moment will be so fantastic with interesting moments.

The film is about brothers whose real identities revealed during the second hour causes the biggest turning point in plot. :).I hope this information is useful to all