Yaavarum Nalam-Movie Review:

Yaavarum Nalam – Baffling Horror on the stroke

Production: Big Pictures
Direction: Vikram Kumar
Star-casts: Madhavan, Neethu Chandra, Saranya, Hari Nair, Ameetha, Sachin Khanderkar and many others.

Music: Shankar-Ehasan-லாய்

Here’s something off best endeavors laid by Filmmaker Vikram Kumar who made a bad start-off with ‘Alai’. Perhaps, in these years he has turned to be more brilliant in handling the complicated genre of ‘Horror’. Earlier, there were few filmmakers who touched such sort of films and most of them flunked at box office. ‘Shock’ remake of ‘Bhoot’ and ‘Sivi’ remake of ‘Shutter’ were pretty good illustrations. ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ is a bit inspiration from Hollywood’s ‘Remote Control’ and ‘One Missed Call’. But don’t take it to be an exact replica. The film has got good script and director has blended the intensifying issue of realism where human kind is so attached with the gadgets. Take it granted with women’s abnormal mania with tele-serials. Manohar, his wife (Madhavan and Neethu Chandra), his elder brother and wife (Hari Nair and Ameetha), their mom (Saranya) so addicted to mega-serials and beautiful kids; a felicitous family with their happy lives getting through their new house after brothers strive it with loans. Everything is fine and sweet until a new TV series ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ starts off. It is nothing but a happy family entering their new house and the ladies are unaware that it’s nothing but what is

happening really amongst them.

Would Manohar take a note of it soon or is it too late for him to handle the entangled situations forms rest of the story. Madhavan is hunky-dory of his snazzy performance. He’s so matured and in fact proving him to be a versatile actor. Watch his acting in the scenes where you especially have high-and-low tides floating within you. Neethu Chandra is cool on her looks while rest of the star casts especially Sachin Khanderkar is brilliant. Background score by Tubbi Parik is excellent that turns the spotlights. Cinematography by P.C. Sriram has its best on the pars. Both these features add on to the tensed ambiences. Shankar-Ehasan-Loy are good on their songs. Vikram’s good script and top-notching screenplay are extraordinary. As a whole, ‘Yaavarum Nalam’ is a flick that you shouldn’t miss it at any cost. There are more sequences that will throw you dreaded. Watch it if you can…

Verdict: Ever-Best Horror Film in Kollywood



March 9, 2009 at 12:11 AM


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