Agoris(Aghoris) eating a dead body video

Align CenterIn this Modern technological world the word Cannibalism itself is very much disturbing to hear. Do you know there are some small group of people less than 100 in India called aghori sadhus who still practice cannibalism eating meat rotten dead and meditating on human corpse?

Agori drinking water in human shull

They commune with the dead, living among them and practice rituals with corpses in order to make contact with the divine mother, Kali, to whom they pray. Some say that Agoris pray and live for lord Shiva. It all sounds very macabre till you read some of their philosophy.

They like to apply ashes of human dead body through out their body. They believe that it protects them from disease and they want to look like lord shiva.

Agoris with full of dead body ashes in their body

For them, nothing and everything is sacred. That is to say, excrement and corpses are as sacred as flowers. They see all things as a divine expression and the idea of matter as being impure, an illusion. They follow a principle called " I am god" and they think themselves as children of lord shiva. They like to do yoga because it gives strength to their mind and body.
Aghori doing a Tantra yoga

Recently I saw one very rare video of Agoris eating a dead body. Please watch the video fully to see a Agori eating a human dead body as we eat chicken.

The below video contains highly graphical content which is not suitable for weak hearted and children's. If you are 18 years and above watch this video.


According to me Cannibalism is not the right way to show our spirituality and it looks like a foolish activity. Does god loves it? He won't and he loves only the people who loves others. The same Hindu mythology only states that "Anbe Shivam" which means "Love is Shiva(god)" but I don't know why these people doing like this. Both lord shiva and kali will kill only the bad people and these lords didn't ask his followers to do cannibalism or agorism. These people started to choose this path to show their spirituality and attain immortal life. To be said frankly they committing sins in name of god.

Lord Kali Lord Shiva

The other important thing about these Agoris is they like weed and they were addicted to it. A man who says that "I am god and children of god" loves alcohol and weed. Doesn't it looks funny? These people(Agoris) spoiling the name of Hindu religion by their cannibalism activities which seems to be one of the oldest religion too. This Hindu religion also has historical epics like Ramayanam, Mahabaratham and etc.

Agori taking weed

Even a tamil film called "Naan(nan) kadavul" which means "I am god" has been recently released in Tamilnadu which depicts the life of an agori.

Whatever may be if you are good and true to others then no need to believe in god is my policy. Isn't it true? The major idea of this post is to create an awareness among the people about cannibalism because some of the foreign country people and people within India got attracted to this aghorism. They started follow agorism which is not good for mankind. PLEASE STOP CANNIBALISM AND AGHORISM.

The American Aghori Kapalnath



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