Vijay’s official website ‘’ terminated

Vijay’s official website ‘’ terminated Oh no, it’s a great disappointment for us for Vijay is topsy-turvily affected losing more fans. It wasn’t all about his films flunking continually at box office, but due to his unsupportive nature for his fans. It all began when those who were involved in building up of his official site were quite disappointed as the actor or neither of his managers failed to present them with the materials needed… The most disappointing factor is that Actor Vijay himself doesn’t know about this till this minute…

Just check out the official statement that appears on the home page of

Dear Fans, We have to mention this with huge disappointment that we are closing down Vijay Fans Network (VFN). We are extremely disappointed at taking this step but we are forced to do it because we have not been getting the required material support (official and exclusive news, exclusive stills, etc) from the officials of Vijay’s office. We started off a site that would run based on the support that it got from them, which we have almost stopped receiving off late. We are also very much hurt at the ways by which people try to take credit for whatever work that we have done for this site. We as a network of students have built this fans network without any financial support from everyone (and we are willing to continue without any financial support) but we are not willing in any way to give a part of the credit that we deserve for our work. There are some people out there who do not want Vijay to progress forward and we feel that we are not fit enough to fight out a battle with them. We tried to salvage this site as much as possible but it has now gone beyond our control that we want to give it up once and for all. We have our own lives to take care of and we are now planning to move ahead with our lives. We will still remain diehard fans of Vijay but we will only continue watching and enjoying his films. We would like to thank all the fans who have supported us throughout the time that we were running this site. We will still cherish those moments when our site was its peak. We wish Vijay all the very best on his future. By, VFN Administration Team