Octopus Man Rudy Santos

55-year-old Filipino, Rudy Santos, is a medical phenomenon; with four arms and three legs, he has one of the rarest conditions known to man – a parasitic twin.

Rudy, know as ‘Octopus man’, made a name for himself out of his condition, touring carnivals and freak shows during the 70s and 80s - but hard times forced him into seclusion where he has lived in poverty for 10 years. He has remained a local legend on the carnival circuit in spite of his mysterious disappearance for over a decade.

Now Rudy, the oldest parasitic twins in the world, is forced to confront his past and face his future for the sake of himself and his family. Cameras follow him on the emotional journey, as he faces medical opinion for the first time, in the form of the Philippines’ foremost authority in conjoined twin separation – Vicente Gomez.

Rudy undergoes a series of examinations from Vicente and his team of medical experts to find out for the first time how his twin is formed within him, and what of his twin exists – whether it has a spine, and what organs? He will also find out if surgery is possible for him at this late age. While waiting for the results of the examinations, Rudy makes the emotional journey back to his family home where his 11 brothers and sisters have been praying for his return, and he introduces his daughter to the rest of the family for the first time.

As Rudy decides if the offer of life-changing free surgery outweighs the risks such a complicated procedure brings, his compelling story reveals an inspiring character who, in spite of his disability, has never viewed his condition as debilitating. Can he say goodbye to his twin?

Check the video of that Octopus man.

Octopus Man video


WARNING this clip contains some graphic and upsetting images.