Naan Kadavul releasing on February 6

The most-anticipated film of this year, Naan Kadavul, the Arya starrer Bala film will be released all over on February 6. The film's portrayal of the lives of corpse-eating Agori Sanyasis is already being widely gossiped about though Naan Kadavul can claim escaping the censor's scissors and coming out almost unscathed with a U/A certificate.Besides, it is

Naan Kadavul

also news that Bala has retained his unique touch of a cannibalistic climax in the film. It is to be noted that Bala's Pidhamagan also had a revolting scene of Vikram strangling the villain by biting into his neck.

The recently released Naan Kadavul's music has already topped the charts with Ilayaraja's mellifluous music. Pooja plays the female lead and is believed to have delivered a performance slated to be her career best so far.

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