Mobile IEMI Number: Indian Government having check(Ban) to Korean & China Mobiles

Mobile IEMI Number: Indian Government having check(Ban) to Korean & China Mobiles.

What is IEMI ?

IEMI is provide from Mobile Company , all standard mobile company like Nokia, Sony Eriction ,Samsang ,LG and Etc.
Company is provide IMEI number for each mobile .Its Secure and Unique number of each mobile set.

Non - IEMI Mobiles : Nokia is very popular and large sale mobile company in india . and most of people like standard company mobile product
only , like nokia , sony eriction , LG , Reliance ,Tata Indicom and Etc . Because this all companies are having standard Licence
and provide IMEI number for each mobile . But some non standard companies not provide taht IMEI number like Korea Mobile (set) , China Mobile(Set) ,Etc.

Why people like Korea Mobiles ?
Korea mobies is very cheapest mobile in market and that korea and china mobiles having nice and big sound effect,andso big screen . Its also like from all middle class
people and low class people . so indian market having nice place with Korean Mobile and China Mobiles.

What is the Benefit from IMEI Number ?
IMEI is very important for all mobile , because that IMEI mobile number stored with Tele Communication Service provider. Suppose , we are missed our mobile immidiatly contact
with our tele service provider (like airtel ,aircel , reliance . Vodafone ,TaTa Indicom and etc ) and locked that mobile with no more calls . andso helped to findout that area also.
Its very helpful for police to find the thief. Suppose Terror using IMEI mobile , easily Police to catch that terror group .

Why the indian govenment ban the Non Standrad mobile (Korea & China Mobiles) ?
Nowaday lot of terrorism due the world . and recently mumbai terror attack also miss used with indian tele service provider SIM cards. So indian government order to some new condition for
tele communication and plan to Banned the Non Secured Mobiles like Korean and China Mobiles. Tele Communication Service provider take some responsibility and make new support software
to ban NON-IMEI mobile calls . So with three months they are developed all supporting files then after taht korean mobiles and china mobiles are not support to calling (tele communication) in india.

This action taken from security of India.