An Italian TV babe’s flirtatious interview with David Beckham was chopped on the editing table because it angered the ace
footballer’s wife Posh. Sexy IIaria D’amico interviewed Becks on his move to AC Milan while making gestures excitedly and
constantly flicking back her hair. The beauty asked the 33 year old LA Galaxy midfielder who is on loan to AC milan until March
if he had learnt any Italian, “Buona sera that’s about it. But I will try quuoted. Buona sera is “good evening” and
bellissimo means “very beautiful”. Italian TV insiders have claimed that the interview was slashed to just 15 minutes because
Becks’ wife Victoria was furious. However, the Beckhams insist that she was cool about it. IIaria 34, admitted that was a big
fan of Becks, and paid tribute to his “wonderful right foot”. “He was very gentle and very agrreable. He was not a diva at all,” she said
of meeting him