Sachin saved his friend

Sachin Tendulkar has saved India when in dire straits several times on the cricket field, but now he has saved the life of a former cricketer as well.Yes! Sachin Tendulkar has once again shown that he has a heart of gold. Coming to the aid of his former teammate, Sachin sponsored the hip replacement surgery that Dalbir Singh Gill had to undergo. Gill and Sachin were teammates in the India Under-17 team once Gill met with a road accident in 2002, after which he suffered major injuries to his legs. He was in coma for eight months and had lost the power to walk.Gill's mother says she had written to Tendulkar telling of her son's plight, and he offered to help. Now Gill has undergone a hip replacement surgery, which Sachin generously paid for.Sachin will also foot the bills for his rehabilitation.Sachin rocks!.