Very happy happy birthday to ajith & all the best for the car race.The very first enemy of ajith is SUN TV & their supportive channels, medias. They purchased Ajith’s ASAL rights but they are not played all the songs & good scenes on the prime time.
Now u can watch, they purchased vijay movie, they always play the stupid [vijay] songs, movies, comedy’s everything for all the time.This is happening for long time, ajith fans should avoid watching this channels & avoid to purchase their product like sun direct, kungumam, malaimurasu, dinakaran.They wont give no.1 for ajith movie, even though the movie is superhit [like varalaru, billa, villan and etc], but they give no.1 for vijay’s all the bad movie.
They wont play ajith’s new movie songs the time of running the movie in theatre…b’coz it will support the movie to run long time…but even though they dont have the rights of vijay movie, they always play vijay’s songs…..then maran brother taken the interview of vijay, stamp release, dr. award, vijay tv naalaya super star award…etc..
all are the support of sun TV & their families….so AJITH FANS should stop supporting to sun familes & their supporters//////////THIS IS THE BIGGEST GIFT FOR AJITH BIRTHDAY////////////