3-D Mobile Phone

Samsung has pulled the mobile phone industry to a whole new dimension. Samsung's product in the mobile industry, B710 phone is similar to a ordinary smart phone, but the difference in which it stands out from the rest of the other smart phones is that when the mobile is changed from a vertical orientation to a horizontal orientation, the image on the screen jumps out of the screen producing a 3-D image from a 2-D image. Julien Flack is the father of this technology which produces the perception of depth. It is the work of a decade's work by the man in this department to convert a real-time 2-D image to a 3-D image. The major problem with the 3-D technology has been the need of special glasses to view the third dimension. This serious problem has been overcome on this new technology by Flack. In this technology, 2-D content is converted to 3-D content by numerous cues which help to determine the depth of the various objects with respect to the other objects. The software then produces many identical images with minor changes and combines them together to create a sense of depth in the human brain. This technology is suited only for devices with small screens since different images of a content are delivered directly to the user's eyes and hence is not perfectly suited for TV or cinema screens. Since the mobile phone screens are mostly viewed by one person at a time, these small screen devices are more likely to the first where we can see the 3-D technology in implementation.