My brother playing flash games!

Hi friends! Hope you all have a great day ahead.Happy to meet you all with an interesting post.Are you bored at home? Looking for fun or just want to spend your time? Then you better try playing games at funbrain arcade. You can find bunch of action , adventure, educational games and more.One fine day, I saw my younger brother playing the flood runner game through funbrain. The game was very interesting and I just loved the way he played. Usually he will always play Need for speed and now he is more into flash. Never thought that he would like flash games to this extent. Even I also have a strong liking towards the Deep Destroyer and the Copter games. My favorite of the two is DD. During my college days, I was madly into Counter Strike, Quake and the Age of empires. We guys used to play CS even during our lab hours at college. Those days won't come back. Another game that is making me play is the space ball 2. Just try playing flash games as they make you think logically at the same time, the games are ore funny. It perfectly suits to my brother and he is in front of the system for about 4 hours a day. Oh God! I don't know where does it gonna end! Have a nice day friends.