Microsoft Eyeing Own Phone in 2011

Hi guys. Happy to meet you with an interesting article. Microsoft – which has so far remain the fingers of the line away from the substantive part of the phone to reverse his position. According to new reports that we hear, Microsoft is partnering with Asus, at a telephone number ala Microsoft Nexus One Google.

Microsoft, whose risk material was the Zune, which Xbox’es and mice and keyboards in the world, is now restricted to the horizon in the big bad world of mobile phones expand. However, the company will not venture alone. As partnership with Google Android for the HTC smartphone, Microsoft will probably team up with major Taiwanese Asus equipment for this company. Incidentally, the prototype was shown at the launch of Windows 7 Phone Series during the Mobile World Congress 2010 made by Asus. It is hoped that the device is ASUS and Microsoft, which finally turns out to be as good as that on the display.

This phone is likely to happen by early 2011 and will, of course, with Windows phone series 7 We also have reason to believe that this phone comes with Microsoft is the market relative to other Windows 7 Series mobile phone manufacturers like HTC, Sony Ericsson, Samsung and LG overcrowded.Hope this information is useful to all.