Story of the Ajith's 50th Film

Hi Ajith fans,Happy to meet you all with an interesting article.Gautham Menon reportedly has about 30 storylines from which he picks out one and develops into a film. Due to this, there have been a lot of speculations on what plans he has for Ajith. While reports suggested that Gautham plans to develop the storyline with the title Thuppariyum Anand, the director denied it.So what exactly has Gautham planned for Ajith? The director was supposed to have directed Ajith’s 49th film. But Saran bagged the opportunity and Asal turned out to be his 49th flick.Ajith’s 50th film will be directed by Gautham. Enquiries reveal that Gautham will now take one of the storyline from his database and he will not use the story he had planned for Ajith’s 49th film.Hope this post is useful to all Ajith fans.