Sleep well regularly to keep your weight

Hi friends,A new study has found that too much or too little shut-eye helps putting on weight -- and it is the worst kind of fat.Recent studies have suggested that inadequate amounts of sleep may lead to weight gain, obesity, and even an raised risk of developing diabetes.Now , an international team led by Wake Forest University has carried out the study and found a clear link between sleep and getting fat -- more or less shut-eye both are harmful.For the study, researchers monitored 1,100 African and Hispanic Americans for a period of five years. Both groups are at a high risk of obesity-related disorders.People under 40 gained 1.8 kgs more on average if they got less than 5 hours of sleep per night than if they slept for 6 or 7 hours. Those regularly sleeping for more than 8 hours gained 0.8 kilogrammes more than the medium-sleep group, the study found.CAT scans revealed increases in visceral fat, which accumulates around the internal organs and is particularly dangerous to health.Hope this information is useful to all.