Medicinal values of Garlic

Hi readers,Today I am going to tell you about medicinal values of Garlic. Garlic bread, garlic papads, garlic pickle and garlic pills. Garlic indeed finds its way into almost every Indian recipe. It is one of the oldest known herbs to man and has been an essential ingredient in many kitchens around the world. Since garlic has a strong and pungent odour thanks to its high sulphur content, this herbal pod is now commercially available in the form of pills. One or two garlic pills a day will keep the body strong through heightened immunity against microbes, bacteria, fungi, virus and other parasites.

Garlic is often described as a wonder drug that cures or prevents a variety of ailments ranging from common flu or cold to highly infectious and deadly diseases like plague. It is mainly used to control blood cholesterol and purify the blood system in Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha medicine. Garlic is also used in allopathic preparations.

For the young, garlic is a natural way of fighting pimples and acne. Make sure that garlic is used in regular kitchen preparations for a glowing skin.

If you cannot take raw garlic, garlic bread or garlic papads will be of great help. This way you can avoid bad breath caused by the high sulphur content in raw garlic.
Recent research studies have proved that garlic is a broad spectrum antibiotic. In other words, it fights a wide range of harmful organisms. Thanks to its anti-oxidant properties, garlic prevents formation of cancerous cells in the body.

There’s also a word of caution. Garlic acts against medicines that help blood clotting. Doctors do not recommend garlic preparations before surgery or when one is injured and bleeding.

* For a healthy body and blood free of harmful cholesterol, take a few garlic cloves every day.

* You can make garlic cough syrup at home for relief from common cold and sore throat. Take a few cloves of garlic. Wash and slice them. Pour a cup of boiling water and allow it to stand over night. Add sugar or honey and take one or two teaspoons of the syrup.

* Garlic oil is good for toothache.

* Garlic ointment can be applied on affected portions of the skin for relief from fungal or bacterial infections.

Hope this article is useful to all.