EXCELLENT FACILITY SERVICES is a Chennai based company which provides HOUSE KEEPING and maintenance to industrial sectors, in the field of specialized services. This company turns to a leaf of maintenance to have effective management. This company provides round the clock services to its client on shift basis. Their work set up with more discipline, trained, motivates “Man Power” with high degree of team members with patience and excellence. They also provide management staff and labour services with various level desired by the client. Their company also provides the hope to cope with needs of the clients. Some of the other services they undertook are Housekeeping, Security & Surveillance, and Interior Decorators. Man Power Supply with Skilled & Un-Skilled, Office Boys, Messenger Service Boys, Gardening Services, Catering Services, Canteen Services, Material Handling Loading & Unloading, Drivers Services, Packaging etc. They are in these services for the past decades. And also they offer these services with low rates which you never seen ever before.

Contact Details:

R.K. Parri (Director “EXCELLENT SERVICES”)

Mobile Nos: 9884425551 / 9884665077

E-mail: excellentservices360@gmail.com