Thamizh Padam Movie Review

Hi friends, Today i am going to review the latest film Thamizh Padam. First of all, a big round of applause for the director for introducing a new genre in Tamil film industry. Holly wood had it since long with movies like Hot Shots Naked Gun or Scary Movie series and Tamil television has beaten it to death. But a full length spoof running for more than two hours on big screen is really difficult to make considering the sensitivity of the industry people. Even Bollywood hasn’t tried a full fledged parody yet.

‘Thamizh Padam’ has done it nicely without hurting the sentiments or feelings of any body. Though only regular movie goers will identify every spoof still they will enjoy it even if it is of their favourite heroes. Director Amudhan has walked the tight rope very effectively.

The film starts with a mother giving birth to a child – our hero Shiva- on a rainy night in a typical village which detests male babies being born in the village. The ‘Nattamai’ of the village had already passed a decree to kill any male child born to any body in the village for a peculiar reason. The male children don’t stay in the village when they grow up. So the father asks his mother-Paravai Miniamma-to kill the baby. When the old lady is about to feed the baby with branded cactus milk in tetra pack the infant pleads with the grand mother to put him in a goods train so that he can reach the city and become a big man. Why a goods train? Because the infant knew all goods train leaving a village is destined to reach Chennai city.

Touched by the aspiration of the infant the old lady takes the baby herself to Chennai to help him achieve his dream. In Chennai Siva grows at the spin of a cycle wheel up and spends time with his college going friends Nakul, Siddharth and Bharath – M S Bhaskar, Manobala and Vennira Aadai Murthy. Siva who appears to be a spoiled child actually is an undercover cop like ‘Pokkiri’ Vijay. He eliminates the city rowdies like ‘Thirupachi’ Vijay using techniques of ‘Ghajini’ Suriya, ‘Anniyan’ Vikram and ‘Apoorava Sahodarargal’ Kamal Haasan.

Meanwhile on the other side of his life Siva sees Disha like ‘Kadhalukku Mariyadhai’ Vijay and love strikes like ‘Mozhi’ Prithviraj. Siva expresses his love to her like ‘Maounaragam’ Karthik. But Disha’s father doesn’t approve their love because Siva is poor and doesn’t know who his father is. Humiliated Siva decides to become rich and find his father in the village. He becomes rich in a jiffy like ‘Annamalai’ Rajini and ‘Sivaji’ Rajini. The love finally succeeds.

Then in search of his father Siva lands in his ancestral village Cinempatti like Winner Prashanth. Its a village where couples go to bed only when ‘Vaidegi Kathirunthal’ Vijayakanth starts singing ‘Netru rathiri yamma’ at night. With very little help Siva finds about his father from one of his associate. The associate gives him a CD of the family song which happens to be a ‘Michael Learns To Rock’ number. Armed by the CD Siva belts out the song and he is united with his parents and sister.

Now back to the city. Siva is entrusted with the job of finding the main switch of the rowdy gang called ‘D’ gang. Siva finally manages to reach the main switch Chidambara Rahasiyam Delhi Ganesh. But the real underworld boss of the ‘D’ gang turns out to be Siva’s grand mother. Unperturbed Siva puts duty before family and arrests Muniamma. Muniamma justifies her actions saying only because of her Siva turned out to be true hero. The court accepts and releases all. Siva is promoted as a DIG and Miniamma is recommended for Golden Globe. They all live happily ever after.

When you enter the theatre knowing the film is a spoof you don’t expect anything logical. The movie has followed every rule of a parody. It has sarcasm, typecast, making fun of scenes from serious movies, violence with no major consequences, obvious references to actions or names, lampooning with no purpose, casual scenes with many layers etc.

Siva, introduced as ‘Chandramukhi’ Rajini plays his part to his known character. His timing and dialogue delivery sets him apart. The rip offs from Thalapathy, Kakkha Kakkha, Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu and many more don’t fail to tickle you. Siva over shadows all other characters just like that with his witty presence in every frame.