Instant Chocolate Burfi

Hi friends,today i am going to tell you about how to prepare chocolate burfi.


maida - 1 cup

sugar 2 cups

ghee - 1 cup

milk - 1 cup

milk powder - 4 tablespoons

cocoa powder - 2 tablespoons

finely chopped cashew, almods, pista, raisins put together 1/2 cup


Place a thick kadai on the heat.To this directly add all ingredients i.e., maida, sugar, milk,

milk powder, cocoa powder and ghee and mix well together.

Keep stirring continuously for around 18 to 20 minutes when the mixture starts leaving the


It forms into a thick round mould by about 20 minutes time and you start getting a good


Now add the chopped nuts and rainis and mix well.

Remove from heat and pour on a greased plate and cut into desires shapes.

Allow to cool and it forms into burfi shapes.

This is instant and can be done withint 25 minutes time.

There is no need of any preparation required.

Hope this information is useful to all