How to bring joy to your work???

Joy at work is not a matter of working in a lavish infrastructure, earning countless dollars and partying out every night. It is rather a practice of being happy with what you are doing and more importantly for whom you are doing.

People working in the biggest companies, earning millions of dollars are not the happiest ones always. Someone working in a local company with much lesser salary can be happier. Do you remember the old days when you passed out from the college and landed up your first job?

The excitement of going to work could be seen bubbling out but as the time passed, things changed. Going to work became an obligation rather than an enjoyment. Do you realise what changed in these few years?

Here are some tips to help you regain that joy in your work:

1. Be realistic

We often have a habit of setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. We expect more than what we are capable of and when we are not able to meet our goals, depression seeps in and the work becomes a source of unhappiness rather than joy.

See, if you also aimed to touch skies overnight. If yes, set S.M.A.R.T goals for yourself. SMART here means: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely.

2. Turn to the office with a right mindset

Enter your office with a positive mindset about your work, colleagues and employer.

Bearing negative thoughts about your workplace will not only hamper your performance but will not let you like your work.

3. Maintain a good rapport with everyone at office

This is something said ad-nauseam times but not practiced very often. The best way to do is to maintain an open communication with your boss and colleagues.

Practice small things like helping people wherever you can, pass a gentle smile as you see a colleague and you will see that you will always have some to help or advice you when needed.

4. Try to fix the problems rather than complaining

Most of us have a habit of sitting and criticising things.

Rather than just discussing the problems around it will be a better idea to find a solution to them. This will not only create a healthy work atmosphere but also give you a sense of achievement.

5. Focus on your KPAs

Many of us feel that we are doing a lot of work which is not recognised. This acts as a source of depression at work.

The best way to come out of such a situation is to focus on your Key Performance Areas.

If you do everything but your actual job, your performance will never be appreciated. So, see if you are doing the right things.

6. Maintain transparency

If you are a boss or a senior person at your workplace, try to maintain transparency in the work culture.

Well informed employees are easier to work with and will reduce your worries. Moreover, you will see that they will stand by you in the hour of need.

7. Celebrate success with juniors

Keep patting for the next batting.

Celebrate success with the junior members of your team. If they are happy and motivated, half of your worries will evaporate themselves.

Also, such informal gatherings bring your team members closer and increase the compatibility quotient.

8. Accept new challenges and risks

A common feature of most of the happy professionals around.

This will give you not only the joy of recognition but also a feeling of satisfaction. Identify new challenges and volunteer to handle them.

If you are offered an opportunity to handle any new project which might be totally new for you, accept the challenge and do all that is required to make it successful.

9. Stay away from dirty politics

Dirty office politics will not let you do your actual job affecting your performance, will keep your colleagues away from you and won't let you think constructively.

So, keep away from politics and blame game. If you have committed a mistake, accept it gracefully and learn to correct it.

10. Take a rejuvenating break from work

There will be times when even after practicing all the above mentioned things you will feel exhausted. This is an indication from your body that it needs rest.

So, take a break and rejuvenate yourself for the next inning.