Endhiran, the ROBOT - Rocking New Pictures

These are the photos released by Director Shankar himself on the eve of New year in his blog www.directorshankaronline.com
Enjoy !!!!

Rajini @ 60 Can you believe it !!!!

Rajini @ 60 Can you believe it !!!!

Rajini looks so charming young at least by two decades of his actual age in this photo J

Rajini, Director Shankar and Aish in Pune shoot for Endhiran ! Aish is gorgeous !!

Wow, nothing needs to be explained.. Stunning beauty ! (Aish, Shankar, and Rajini look-alike on the sets of Endhiran)

Even @ 60, only Rajini can do this !!! J

Some serious pic below – Rajini getting his make up done for ROBOT character, on looked by Director Shankar and the Hollywood make up artist on the sets of Endhiran !

Endhiran is going to storm the box office worldwide before the end of this year ! Hope it will be worth the wait !!

Hope you all enjoy this images