Three Idiots Movie Review | 3 Idiots Review

Hi friends,the film review starts again.... The irst movie for this season is 3 Idiots..3 Idiots is a must watch. The movie that was the most awaited flick of the year has lived up to the expectation. There has been tremendous amount of expectation on 3 Idiots with some of the following reasons building the movie to be the biggest hyped one in Bollywood in 2009

3 Idiots has the Aamir Khan-Sharman Joshi –Madhavan team of Rang De Basanti(2009) joining hands with director Raj Kumar Hirani who directed the very popular Lagey Raho Munnabhai (2006)

It is Raj Kumar Hirani’s chance to do a hat-trick with two blockbusters Munnabhai MBBS and Lagey Raho Munnabhai.

It is an Aamir Khan. This alone is a crowd pulling statement. And with Ghajini among the top 5 biggest money-makers of Bollywood, 3 Idiots deserved to be super-hyped. So does it work?

Lets find out from the 3 Idiot Review:

Story of 3 Idiots: 3 Idiots is about three engineering students who believe in the IDIOT term, which means I Do It On My Terms. Two friends [R. Madhavan and SharmanJoshi] are on a trip to find out a lost buddy. As they make their way through the dangerous landscape [Shimla, Manali, Ladakh], there starts another journey: their inner journey through memory lane and thestory of their buddy in the flashback - the unmanageable free-thinker Rancho [Aamir Khan], who, in his exceptional way, touched and changed their lives.

It’s a story of their hostel days that swings between Rancho’s romance with the spirited Pia [Kareena Kapoor] and his clash with and oppressive mentor, Viru Sahastrabudhhe [Boman Irani]. And then one day, suddenly, Rancho disappears from their lives. The quest is to find the original idiot who did not conform to standard thinking patterns.

How does Raju Hirani score? Raju Hirani has proved that he is the best director in Bollywood with 3 Idiots. The screenplay writers Abhijat Joshi and Hirani come up with a very sincere story that is a slice of life

Technical details of 3 Idiots:

1. Shantanu Moitra’s music may look a bit staid compared to most songs in Aamir Khan’s films but when you see them on screen, you begin to fall in love with them

2. The choreography of ‘All Izz Well’ [Avit Dias] and ‘Zoobie Doobie’ [Bosco-Caesar] is pleasant.. The background score [Sanjay Wandrekar, Atul Raninga, Shantanu Moitra] is apt

3. Muraleedharan C.K.’s cinematography is stunning, the scenes of Shimla and Ladakh are perfectly captured

Performance in 3 idiots

3 Idiots is beautified with some towering performances. Sharman Joshi is super brilliant, Madhavan really keeps you on your toes especially in sequences when he explains to his father, his point of view Boman Irani is wonderful as the head of the engineering institute. Boman Irani comes up with a performance that is on par with his scintiallating performance as Asthana in Munnabhai MBBS. Kareena Kapoor’s role is small but she gives maximum impact. Omi is sure to be a hit with audience. Jaffed Jafferi and Pareekshit Sahani put in noteworthy performances. Finally, we have the icing on this sweet cake-Aamir Khan. He may have come up with brilliant performances through his career, but Aamir Khan’s performance in 3 Idiots is the best. He breathes, looks and performs like a 25 year old. He proves that no one is close to him when it comes to pitching in a mindblowing performance.

Last few lines on 3 Idiots

3 Idiots works and how! With a good grip on emotions and entertainment, 3 Idiots is the biggest hit of 2009 for sure.