Tips for buying gifts Diwali

Hi my dear buddies,Hope you all have a nice day ahead.All we know that ,Diwali is coming around the corner.So, get ready to buy gifts for Ur loved ones.Diwali time means gift time.But nothing can be more uncouth than walking in with a mithai dabba or a polythene bag of fruits and nuts.Here are some of my tips for buying gifts.

1.Sweets are the most common Diwali gifts.But if u are planning to walk into a store and pick the fist peda or laddu box that meets your eye,then u may as well drop the idea of giving it as gift.If it's for some-one special,nothing beats a small box of homemade sweets -the effort you put in is priceless.Think a little box of assorted home-baked cakes or homemade chocolates!.Don't forget to leave a handwritten,personal message.

2.Fruits are another favourite.But it all depends on the quality of the fruits you pick and basket you present it in.Exotic fruits that one doesn't buy everyday is good bet.

3.In our country,gifting money is always a good idea as people see it as a sign.

4.Avoid personal gifts like perfume,deos etc.,unless it's for family.If confused,it is best to give the child of the house something nice and festive of blessing.

Hope this information is useful to all.Thanks and regards.