Planning a Trip or Tour

Here comes some tips to help you prepare I advance and make it a fun day out. Tours are a great way to unwind and spend quality time with family and friends in the fresh place with fresh sunshine and air. But they do require some prior planning. Make a list of everything you might need. As you pack, check off each item to ensure nothing’s been left behind. Before you start off, make sure car is in a good condition. Take along road maps if you’re headed to an unfamiliar destination. Here’s ready guide to help you with the rest of the planning

People – Go with family or a like minded group of friends with children of the same age group.

Venue – You can tour anywhere – in parks, meadows, the zoo, or near beaches (if you live next to the seaside) and historical spots. If you don’t want tour washed out, be sure to check the latest weather forecast conditions.

Food – Prepare simple, “dry” fare-tasty finger foods, pasts dishes, stuffed parathas and sandwiches. Include fruits – they keep well, and are refreshing. Pack the food in aluminum foil, airtight containers, hot cases and casseroles. You can divide dishes among families, pot-luck style – this way you get variety, and there’s n need to preplan the allotment of dishes.

Beverages – Bring what you want to drink in ice boxes, along with lots of ice and drinking water. Do remember the bottle and the wine openers. For tea and coffee, It’s best to bring boiling water in thermoses, along with instant coffee powder, tea bags, sachets of creamer and sugar.

Other essentials – Rugs or durries, blankets, plastic sheets, table clothes, paper napkins, towels and trash bags. You also need cushions, umbrellas, sunhats, sunscreen, insect-repellent creams and a first-aid box.

Entertainment – Get Frisbees, discs, and balls for children, and playing cards, scrabble or ludo those who want to laze. Also bring a stereo and good mix of music that all will enjoy. Do have quality camera to capture all the fun moments in your trip.