Little master Sachin Tendulkar childhood Cricket days

Sachin Tendulkar is the GOD of the Indian Cricket.I would like to share one famous incident that turned Sachin's life.Sachin's mentor Achrekar asked Sachin to concentrate on his batting,but Sachin was more interested to become a fast bowler.Then slowly Sachin realized that talent in his batting but even then he used to loose concentration.Achrekar coach of Sachin used to keep a coin on Sachin's stumps and will give a open statement to the bowlers that if they get the wicket of Sachin the coin belongs to them,but if no one claims Sachin's wicket in the whole net session then Sachin will have the coin.

Sachin has got 13 coins till now and he claims that is the best gift and the most treasured one in his life.I was really fascinated to know about this information.Hope you feel the same.If you know any other rare information about Sachin please share it.Thanks in advance