Kanthaswamy Movie Review,Kandasamy story

Banner: V Creations
Main Cast: Vikram, Shriya,Raghuvaran,Vivek
Direction: Susi Ganesan
Produced by : Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Written by : Susi Ganesan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad

Cinematography : N.K.Ekambaram
Distributed By : Kalaipuli International
Budget : Rs.80 crores

Kanthaswamy. It is the buzz word in every mouth for the past few months. There was immense hype and hoopla around the movie. Touted to be Tamil cinema's ambitious project, the end-product can be described as a marvel on screen, oozing with style and substance.

The duo of Vikram and Susi Ganeshan have come out with a project (though far from logic) that is laced with all commercial ingredients at right mix. They have lived up to the faith imposed on them by producer Kalaipuli S Thanu.

The movie begins as the scene showing ordinary people who are going to Murugan temple which is famous for all wishes to be fulfilled at the temple. The people who submit their problems as petitions to Kanthaswamy (another name for Lord Muruga) on a piece of paper tied on a tree in the temple will be solved soon mostly financial troubles.

Actor Vikram changed himself as Kandhaswamy a caped crusader dressed like a rooster who fights against the black money with numerous getups like middle aged woman, Super hero, Old man etc… helps the needy with cash. When you watch a Tamil movie you can’t see much of excellent graphics works but this is the movie with a visual treat for eyes and it will be a pure entertainer.

Actor Vikram was portrayed as a Stylish cop and an enchanting Robinhood in Kanthaswamy as he had shown various modulations in delivering dialogues as well as in body languages. Kanthaswamy Vikram will be craze among his fans and all other movie lovers as you can see Vikram with some young dazzling costumes. More than that actor Vikram renders his own voice for the Peppy numbers of Devi Sri Prasad adding more trend on big screen. Actress Shriya as a hot sexy lover of Kandaswamy shows her maximum for what she was actually paid especially in song sequences.

The storyline is weak already there were number of movies in the same storyline but Director Susi Ganeshan made this with a blend of message, style, music which is more like a commercial entertainer.

After watching movies like Nadodigal, Subramanaipuram etc… the amount spend for making is less but in case of Kandasamy it was immense comparing the two movies. Anyway the movie is to be watch for its technical brilliance with Super Hero Vikram styles and peppy numbers of DSP.

Verdict: Classic Mass Masala!