Female fan tries to kiss irfan pathan- kiss and miss

Irfan Pathan's form may have deserted him but not his charms and the handsome Baroda pacer barely avoided an embarrassment today when a female fan here tried to kiss him in full media view.

Two years after Mahendra Singh Dhoni found himself in the embrace of a female fan in front of the Eden Gardens, Irfan went through more or less a similar embarrassment when a 24-year-old of fan tried to plant a kiss on his cheek but found the cricketer taller than she would have liked.

Irfan, on his part, gently pushed her away without being harsh on her.

Shabina Khatun, who works in an insurance company here, got a "life time opportunity" to pose with Irfan and elder brother Yusuf Pathan after she was selected as one of the three winners of a contest during a promotional event.

The girl later told newsmen that it was difficult to contain the provocation of kissing the person whom she admired most. She said the Pathan junior, however, resisted saying his girlfriend Shivangi Dev would kill him.

Actually Shivangi Dev is the girlfriend of famous Indian cricketer Irfan Pathan. Now Irfan Pathan has decided to marry with her long time girlfriend Shivangi Dev who is living and working in Australia as a chartered accountant. Irfan is of 24 and Shivangi is of 22. They both met each other in 2003 at Canberra when Irfan was on tour to Australia with his team.

Irfan proposed Shivangi on her visit to Canberra there years back. Shivangi’s father is a diplomat and these days she is posted by her company in Spain. Mehbub Khan who is father of Irfan Pathan told the media that as Irfan asked her, will you marry me; she quickly replied “YES”. He further said no one in the family has no any objection in this quick marriage.

But according to sources, as family of Irfan Pathan is looking for the suitable girl for Yusuf Pathan who is an elder brother of Irfan Pathan, so he has to wait for the marriage until they select any girl for his brother. Irfan said to media that we are in search of a good girl for my big brother Yusuf and as he gets marry, it will be my turn next.

Shivangi is very simple and has a good compromising nature and due to this Irfan’s mother Shamim Bano is very impressed. A dancing school is also run by Shivangi in Canberra. An expansive bungalow has been ready for the wedding ceremony of Irfan which is situated at the outer edge of his local city Tandaja. This bungalow is very close to the house of bride which is staying in duplex house.