Modhi vilayadu- Movie review

Modhi Vilaiyadu – Commercial flick for elite groups

Production: Media One Global Entertainment, Gemini Industries

Direction: Saran

Star-casts: Vinay, Kajol Agarwal, Yuva, Kalabavanmani, Santhanam, Tattoo Ram and many others.

Music: Hariharan-Leslie

Saran goes for a better makeover on his directorial style by adapting a simple tale (much similar to Prashanth starrer ‘Star’) and makes it stylishly. It has the best factors of capturing the interests of youngsters and multiplex audiences. But there are more parts in latter half more convincing for other centres too.

Udhay (Vinay) and Madhan (Yuva) are the best friends, living life, enjoying the riches of Udhaya’s father Rajan Vasudev (Kalabavanmani), who is one of the top 50 rich men in the world. Madhan lived with Udhay and Udhaya’s father took care of all Madhan’s expenses.

Both the friends meet L R Eshwari (Kajol Agarwal), a pretty college student and both of them fall in love with her. Udhaya’s father surprisingly supports of Madhan’s love with L R Eeswari, when strange things begins to happen…. Madhan gets killed. Udhay losses all his wealth…. And Udhay is on the run to save his life.

How does Udhaya find out the hidden secrets in his life??

And does he sort things out???

Vinay justifies his potentials of earnest attempts on dubbing with his own voice. He’s looks so exquisite on his performance as well. On the pars, Kajol Agarwal looks so enchanting and comes up with decent efforts. Kalabavanmani does justice to his role while Santhanam’s comedy tracks are invigorating. Santhanam proves himself to be the Next Comedy King of Kollywood. Mayilsamy and Haneefa are of course adding more to the humorous quotients. Debut show by Tattoo Ram is fantastic as he makes his part more commendable throughout the film.

Musical score should’ve been yet more finely done while cinematography by Karun is top-notching and ditto to editing.

Screenplay has been well-crafted. As mentioned earlier, the first half has lots of cherished moments well tailored for miniscule audiences while the other centres following may find delighted with the second half.

‘Modhi Vilaiyadu’ has chances of surviving in box office as there are big contestations right now.

Verdict: Worth watchable