Aayirathil Oruvan Music Review


Aayirathil Oruvan Music Review

Banner: Dream Valley Corporation

Production: R. Ravendran

Concept and Direction: K. Selvaraghavan

Star-casts: Karthi, Reema, Andrea Jeremiah, Pratap Pothan, Alagam Perumal and R. Parthiban.

Music: G.V. Prakash

Lyrics: Vairamuthu and Selvaraghavan

Singers: P.B. Srinivas, Vijay Yesudas, Karthik, Nithya Shree Mahadevan, Andrea Jeremiah, G.V. Prakash Kumar, Dhanush, Aishwarya Dhanush.

Choreography: Siva Shankar, Kalyan

Stunt Co-Ordinator: Rambo Rajkumar

Art Director: T. Santhanam

Editor: Kola Bhaskar

Director of Photography: Ramji

Costume Designer: Erum Ali

Visual Effects: Prime Focus

Publicity Channelizing: Johnson

‘An unexpected piece of show from unexpected personalities’ - Would this be an apt line of singing appraisals for the entire team of ‘Aayirathil Oruvan’? Fantabulous! Trenchantly prodigious! Grandiloquent! And what else? Put your best words of appraisals for G.V. Prakash and Selvaraghavan who have overwhelmed with an exceptional genre.

Well, as filmmaker Selvaraghavan has ennobled the film’s tagline with ‘Explore the unexplored… Expect the unexpected… Get Mystified, Stupefied and petrified…’ - Aayirathil Oruvan is sure to be one amongst millions of clichéd flicks.

It was really getting us fled to a different world on heeding to the transfixing musical score of G.V. Prakash. This young lad has flamboyantly touched the classical chords of ‘Sankara Bharanam Ragas’ to World Music of ‘Enigma’ genres of World Music. On the pars, you’ve the adrenaline-pumping folk beat songs and lots or remix versions.

Looks like Prakash has mastered the musical instruments from the ancient centuries and he has spelled a tremendous job over here. More than all, it’s much revealing about his researched works on various genres and instruments.

The album comprises of 10 songs with versatile singers and new-fangled ones (Dhanush, Aishwarya) crooning for it.

1. Oh Eesa – Composer’s Mix

Vocals: Karthik, Andrea Jeremiah and Chorus

With best percussions and hard rock guitars on the roll, we’ve stylish Karthik and Andrea’s sizzling voices adding for the crème de la crème quotients. Selvaraghavan and Andre have equivalently delivered a blissful take on penning lyrics. The running stringed instruments throughout the song and outstanding orchestration make the song yet more embellishing.

2. Maalai Neram

Vocals: Andrea Jeremiah, G.V. Prakash Kumar

Commences with decorous chords on guitar that takes our memories down the lane of Ilayaraja-fangled mesmerizing tune… Lyrical lines capture your senses right on the first time and Andrea’s intonation works magic with GV Prakash accompanying on her tracks. Simplistic-mild beats and well-organized rhythms make this song more splendiferous. Indeed, it would be one of the best songs of this year.

3. Un Mela Aasadhan

Vocals: Dhanush, Aishwarya Dhanush and Andrea Jeremiah

Here’s the unparalleled pick of the album specially meant for the ardent buffs of peppy song with folk-rap fashioned one… Dhanush doesn’t strain a lot on tracks and merely goes transfixing with it. The orchestrations with best synthesizers again work best magic on this number. Don’t miss the quotients of Aishwarya Dhanush and Andrea. Fill-ins and rap lines by Premji between preludes and invigorating beats excites the heeders.

4. The King Arrives

Vocals: Neil Mukherji and Madras Augustin Choir

You play more than 100 times on your systems and you’ll find something new and innovative every time. A storming show of recital by GV Prakash! It has various instruments involved with Hard Rock Metallic guitars and arduous percussions while Augustin Choir on its vistas enhances the quality.

5. Thai Thindra Mannae (The Cholan Ecstasy)

Vocals: Vijay Yesudas, Nithyashree Mahadevan and Shri Krishna

A felicitous piece that was never attempted by any musicians in tinsel town! Heart-storming song of emotions expressed with the blend of ‘Sundara’ Telugu and language of God’s own country. Wordlessly stupendous! The singers have crooned with the Telugu-Malayalam’s perfect modulation as the genre hop-skips vividly. It’s a complete show by singers with fill-ins on re-recording making it sound more appealing. Perhaps, it will create more sensation with spellbinding visuals canned by Ramji.

6. Permannae

Vocals: Bombay Jayashree, P.B. Srinivas and Chorus

Kick-starts with orchestrated trombones and Bombay Jayashree incisively switch over with her gripping modulation. She touches fervidly with the heartiest pathos that will move listeners. Such is the appealing lyrics by Vairamuthu that creates more penchants. Looks like the lyrics was penned with intentions of present scenario of those struggling to move away from their lands.

7. Celebration of Life

Flute Instrumentation by Naveen

Has the fantastic touch of elated feel as the track’s title ‘Celebration of Life’. Like the previous numbers, GV Prakash sustains the percussions blended with a different style. It’s brimmed with the touch of ‘Dandiya’. Best to load in your mobiles as ring tones! Trust us; you’ll love this tuneful music.

8. Thai Thindra Manne (Classical version)

Vocals: Vijay Yesudas

It’s realms of instruments over here there unlike the other version where vocals dominated with its substantial panoramas. Vijay Yesudas modulates much more uniquely from the other number. Of course, you’ll spot the distinguished factors with an ease.

9. Indha Paadhai

Vocals: GV Prakash Kumar

A filmmaker has to get himself more involved in every line of lyrics – Selva uttered this when questioned about penning lyrical lines for this film. Yeah! The film’s theme about a protagonist’s inner voice is illustrious with this song. As the adventure begins, the lad’s puzzle and excitement over the proceedings has been well-expressed with this song. The mild beats and GV’s voice attracts you. On the buttons, it would almost like montages of the young lad traveling through barren land and bushes of thick forests on pursuit of something.

10. Oh Eesa

Vocals: Andrea Jeremiah, Karthik and Big Nikk

The remix version has the peppy beats and additional gimmicks rendered by Big Nikk. The song will go straight on to the disco floors.

And, how about Verdict? Doubtlessly, GV Prakash has a bombastic show and goes enormously in his career with this ‘Master Piece’.

Verdict: If you’re gonna miss this album, you’ll regret for it… Go ahead grab your copies available on stands with reasonable prices.


CD @ Rs.99/-

CD+DVD @ Rs. 149/- (Special Packaging)

MC @ Rs. 45