Movie Review - Naan Kadavul

Naan Kadavul – It’s more than a film

Banner: Pyramid Saimira, Vasan’s Visual Ventures

Story, screenplay and Direction: Bala

Star-casts: Arya, Pooja, Rajendran and others

Dialogues: Jay Mohan

Music: Ilayaraja

Cinematography: Arthur Wilson

And here comes the biggest ever made film in the history of contemporary Indian Cinema. From now on, film buffs who ardently adored World’s most happening filmmakers Krzysztof Kieslowski, Fedrico Fellini and Akira Kurusowa can add Bala to the same category. For those who ever though why it took such a long time to make this film, they’ve the answer after the show is over. A spellbinding flick ever made and the auteur proves himself best more than Mani Rathnam and Shankar who just copycat the World’s best DVDs.

Right from his debut film, Bala has spelling his own innovative thoughts on the screen and this one surmounts everyone’s expectations. On one word, ‘it’s a mind blowing film that’ll make everyone transfixed’.

Heeding to the words of astrologers, a father abandons his son Rudhra (Arya) at Varanasi. The alienated son grows up amidst of aghory saadhus and indeed turns to be the one. After 15 years, realizing his blunder, father gets him back to his hometown of Tamil Nadu. But things aren’t happening as they expected for Rudhra doesn’t lead a happy family life as he says ‘Aham Brahmasma’ – I am God’ and finds himself in the dark caves. Meanwhile, the film turns to be focusing on the mishaps on physically challenged entities that are tortured by a cruel person Thandavam(Rajendran)…

Chain of events leads Rudhra taking his turn of destroying the bad elements and finally gives salvation to the helpless soul….

Arya is a lucky guy to have accepted this offer from Bala. No matter if he had lost offers of 50films, this one splendid masterpiece now takes him across the far-flung corners of the globe. Mark our words, he has over-shined the most stupid actors town who just appear on the screens as they have influence (There’s a comedy scoop of MGR-like person commenting on it). When watching Pooja’s performance, we happen to forget her previous films where she performed glamorous roles. In fact, Pooja has more role and appears for a long duration than Arya. Rest of the cast and crew including the one enacted the role of Thandavam’s assistant are stunning. A kind hearted eunuch, a physically challenged young boy passing jocular comments is the best factors in this film.

For few not well versed with Hindi, they may feel bit disturbed as at most portion of the film Arya keeps uttering dialogues in Hindi and Sanskrit. Musical Score by Maestro Ilayaraja is over the top and background scoring throughout the show is astonishing…. Cinematography by Arthur Wilson adds to the fantastic visual enhancement while in editing, continuity seems to be missing a bit.

On the whole, ‘Naan Kadavul’ is a best ever made history (not just a movie) in the pages of Tamil Cinema. Watch it by all means and it’s something more than a film. Don’t you believe us? You’ll accept as your raise your hands for grand round of applause at the end of show.

Verdict: Marvelously tailored piece of work…