Review: Padikadhavan – All-time malfunctioning Student

Banner: Vijaya Productions, Sun Pictures

Direction: Sooraj

Star-casts: Dhanush, Thamannah, Vivek, Suman, Shayaji Shinde, Atul Kulkarni, Pratap Pothan and others.

Music: Manisharma

First, before getting on with this review, there’s kind request to all our viewers. Don’t watch this film with same expectations of ‘Thalainagaram’ and ‘Maruthamalai’ directed by Sooraj. Perhaps, Dhanush had brimmed with excellent films ‘Polladhavan’ and ‘Yaaradi Nee Mohini’, but lets us down with this nastiest piece.

Can’t this actor get going with other roles? All the times, we tend to watch him on roles of a disobeying son yet a hero in society. For sure, none of the audiences are ready to view Dhanush on the same role and as a result ‘Padikadhavan’ is a flop amongst the masses.

It’s quite perplexing as Telugu film industry is transcending with the best themes and in vice versa, Kollywood seems to be inheriting their olden traits. Sorry Dhanush, don’t play fool for us gearing with ridiculous acts you enacted in ‘Sullan’….

A clichéd storyline of an uneducated jobless guy (Dhanush) falling in love with a rich girl (Thamannah) with her dad (Suman) as a bigwig… To make a difference, Sooraj has inserted certain factors that offer no grip to the sluggish screenplay. Lots of fatuousnesses and unbelievable fight sequences get each and everyone in the theatres more irritated. First half of the film has some comedic elements between Dhanush and his family members while Vivek struggles fetching best credits on his part in the second half. Of course, in most of the sequences, especially the one where he pours open the water bottle to falsify his acts in front of Suman is really hilarious. Thamannah is best on her dance, performance and she is sure to overbeat Trisha, Nayanthara and all other aged actresses ruling the screens at present. She’s so stylish and sleek in her appearance and precisely is cognizant about difference of ‘Glamour’ and ‘Vulgarity’ (Nayan actually came up with V-factor in Villu and not glamour). Atul Kulkarni gets down with no importance on his character while it makes us confusing why Shayaji Shinde, the one who astonished with ‘Bharathi’ is picking silly offers. Suman’s characterization has been completely wasted all throughout the show as in ‘Aegan’ and ‘Kuruvi’.

Mani Sharma doesn’t even churn a best tune and even background score except the ones during penultimate sequences aren’t commendable. On the pars, rest of the technical aspects is something below average.

Sooraj has completely disappointed with a clichéd masala story that would have topped the charts if made before couple of decades.

Valuating Padikadhavan on the whole, it’s a film better to avoid and don’t risk yourselves watching this graveling film.