Procedure to download movie using torrent

Today most of the movies are downloaded via torrent only. But most of them are not familiar with it. So i just thought of sharing the procedure to download the files using torrent. You can follow the below steps.

1. Download any one of torrent software like utorrent, flashget.

2. Click here to download: utorrent

3. Click here to download: flashget

4. Now install the utorrent or flashget which you downloaded

5. The next step is to download the torrent file of the movie from sites.
eg: you can click here to get the torrent file for Varanam aayiram movie

6. After downloading it just open your utorrent or flashget window by double clicking the icon which you can see after you installing it. The window will be like below for utorrent.

7. Then click file-> add torrent

8. A pop up window appears asking you to specify the location of torrent file.

9. After specifying the file another window opens asking where to store the movie. Give the location as you wish.

10. Then press ok and movie will start downloading now.

Don't think that its big process because I have given you step by step process. When you work with it you itself will know.

Enjoy downloading movie