Paris Hilton and 'Love Guru' lead Razzies nominations

When the Razzie Awards nominations were announced this morning, it was obvious that voters are really smitten with Mike Myers' "The Love Guru" — it leads with the most nominations (seven), including a worst picture bid. Mike Myers, up for worst actor and screenplay as well as one for producing the picture, was previously in the Razzies race five years ago for "Cat in the Hat," but was underwhelmed by the Ben Affleck-Jennifer Lopez mismatch "Gigli."

In second place with six Razzie bids, including a worst picture nod, is the combo of "Disaster Movie" and "Meet the Spartans," which are grouped together because they're "two films from the same two talent-free writer/directors, both featuring essentially the same cast," says the Razzie press release.

By comparison, it looks like Paris Hilton's "The Hottie & the Nottie" was robbed! It only has five nominations despite being ranked by IMDB users as the 17th worst movie of all time. At, it's the 10th worst flick ever made. Apparently, moviegoers agreed. It earned only $27,696 at the box office on an estimated budget of $2 million.


Paris Hilton reaped the most nominations among people — four. One was as producer of worst picture nominee "Hottie." The other three: worst actress ("Hottie"), supporting actress ("Repo: The Genetic Opera") and screen couple (Hilton with either of her "Hottie" co-stars Christine Lakin or Joel David Moore). Three years ago Paris Hilton "won" worst supporting actress for "House of Wax."

Rounding out the worst picture race are "The Happening" and "In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale." The "winners" will be unveiled at a lampoonish ceremony to be held on Feb. 21 —the night before the Oscars — at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood. That causes a serious kudos conflict. Usually, the Razzies are held during the early afternoon on Oscars eve — just hours before the Indie Spirits are doled out. Award nuts like me have been able to attend both. But — yikes! — this year they'll be held simultaneously! Which one should I attend?!

Last year "I Know Who Killed Me" emerged as the biggest "winner" in Razzie history, reaping eight of its nine nominations, thus edging out previous champs, seven-time "winners" "Battlefield Earth" and "Showgirls." "I Know" star Lindsay Lohan took three awards. Nominated against herself for her dual roles, Lohan received the same number of votes for both, thus tying herself to win two Razzies as worst actress. She was also razzed as worst screen couple. And Eddie Murphy became the first performer ever to win three of the four worst-acting trophies in a single year, all for his multiple roles in worst-picture nominee "Norbit": as the nerdy title character (worst actor), Asian role Mr. Wong (worst supporting actor) and 400-pound shrew Rasputia (worst supporting actress).

Time magazine has an interesting article about the history of the Razzies, including an interview with the awards founder John Wilson. Among the tasty tidbits: "Some recipients have been happy to get in on the joke. Showgirls director Paul Verhoeven appeared in person to accept the award for Worst Picture of 1995. ('He sat through the entire ceremony,' Wilson says, 'and then got up at the end and said, 'Obviously my film has entertained you, but not in the way I intended it to.') In 2005, Oscar-Winner Halle Berry made headlines with an overemotional parody of her Academy Awards acceptance speech while taking home the Worst Actress award for 'Catwoman.'"

Here are this year's nominees:

Worst Picture
"Disaster Movie" and "Meet the Spartans"
"The Happening"
"The Hottie & the Nottie"
"In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale"
"The Love Guru"

Worst Actor
Larry the Cable Guy, "Witless Protection"
Eddie Murphy, "Meet Dave"
Mike Myers, "The Love Guru"
Al Pacino, "88 Minutes" and "Righteous Kill"
Mark Wahlberg, "The Happening" and "Max Payne"

Worst Actress
Jessica Alba, "The Eye" and "The Love Guru"
The cast of "The Women" (Annette Bening, Eva Mendes, Debra Messing, Jada Pinkett-Smith and Meg Ryan)
Cameron Diaz, "What Happens in Vegas"
Paris Hilton, "The Hottie & the Nottie"
Kate Hudson, "Fool's Gold" and "My Best Friend’s Girl"

Worst Supporting Actress
Carmen Electra, "Disaster Movie" and "Meet the Spartans"
Paris Hilton, "Repo: The Genetic Opera"
Kim Kardashian, "Disaster Movie"
Jenny McCarthy, "Witless Protection"
Leelee Sobieski, "88 Minutes" and "In the Name of the King"

Worst Supporting Actor
Uwe Boll as himself, "Uwe Boll's Postal"
Pierce Brosnan, "Mamma Mia!"
Ben Kingsley, "The Love Guru," "War, Inc." and "The Wackness"
Burt Reynolds, "Deal " and "In the Name of the King"
Verne Troyer, "The Love Guru" and "Uwe Boll’s Postal"

Worst Screen Couple
Uwe Boll and any actor, camera or screenplay
Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher, "What Happens In Vegas"
Paris Hilton and either Christine Lakin or Joel David Moore, "The Hottie & the Nottie"
Larry the Cable Guy and Jenny McCarthy, "Witless Protection"
Eddie Murphy and Eddie Murphy, "Meet Dave"

Worst Prequel, Remake, Rip-Off or Sequel (combined category for 2008)
"The Day the Earth Blowed Up Real Good"
"Disaster Movie" and "Meet the Spartans"
"Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"
"Speed Racer"
"Star Wars: The Clone Wars"

Worst Director
Uwe Boll, "1968: Tunnel Rats," "In the Name of the King" and "Postal
Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, "Disaster Movie" and "Meet the Spartans
Tom Putnam, "The Hottie & the Nottie
Marco Schnabel, "The Love Guru"
M. Night Shyamalan, "The Happening"

Worst Screenplay
"Disaster Movie" and "Meet the Spartans," both written by Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer
"The Happening," written by M. Night Shyamalan
"The Hottie & the Nottie," written By Heidi Ferrer
"In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale," screenplay by Doug Taylor
"The Love Guru," written by Mike Myers and Graham Gordy

Worst Career Achievement
Uwe Boll (Germany's answer to Ed Wood)