Exclusive : Story of ‘Naan Kadavul’ Revealed

Hi buddies i have you the best take on Bala’s forthcoming directorial ‘Naan Kadavul’. Some of the sources closer to the film have revealed the outline of the script. The film is about a superstitious man who abandons his son as he gets wrong direction from a foreteller. The alienated son (Aarya) heads to the holy land of Varanasi where he grows amidst of Saadhus leading a spiritual life. Meanwhile, after a long time the father realizes his mistake and goes on searching for his son. Finding his son over there in Varanasi, he brings him back to the city. And over here, the grown up Saadhu comes across the beggars being forcibly turned into blind ones by mafias for collecting money on the roads. Pooja is one amongst them and Aarya has his heart melted with the tribulations faced by her. He takes onto put an end to the evil acts of the baddies and what happens next is the story all about?