Ajith's big moustache

Managing to evade the eyes of his numerous fans, Ajith managed to watch Villu at the Prarthana drive in theater last Sunday. Of course, he was careful enough not to get out of his car at any point of time which would have resulted in a mini mob forming instantaneously. After the movie he called up Vijay and talked about the positives in the movie for a

long time. He specially mentioned the stunt scenes and asked Vijay to not get involved in too many risky fights.

Meanwhile, Ajith is also getting himself ready for Asal. He has reportedly gone in for a change in his look and is now sporting an extra large, thick moustache, something he has not tried before. Asal will be directed by Saran. Ajith-Saran's previous movie, Attagasam was a double action flick. This had created some speculation that even Asal would be on the same lines. However, Saran has said that this time round it will be just one Ajith.