Shocking Reports: Why Murugadoss won’t come back?

With entire Kollywood awaiting the arrival of Murugadoss, most of the leading actors are waiting for calls from A.R. Murugadoss. Right from back couple of days, he has been involved in giving interviews for leading satellite channels all across the world while Cinesnacks would soon bring you his exclusive interview….

There are shocking reports about salaries paid for Murugadoss on his previous projects that were excellent blockbusters…

Making his directorial debut with ‘Dheena’ starring Ajith Kumar, Director was not paid with any remuneration.

For ‘Ramana’, Aascar Ravichandran had no intentions of paying salary for such a super hit film that yielded more profits. Later, after witnessing the results and since the film happened to be a great turning point in the career of Vijayakanth, the actor voluntarily gifted a saree worth Rs. 10,000 for Murugadoss’ mother.

Finally, for ‘Ghajini’, his remuneration didn’t cross more than 10 Lakhs…. But getting into Tollywood with Cheeranjivi for ‘Tagore’ and ‘Stalin’, his salaries were hiked.

And his wholesome bonanza was Aamir Khan offering him to remake ‘Ghajini’. Murugadoss has been paid more than a Crore for his brilliant direction. Meanwhile, talks are already going on between Shah Rukh for his Red Chillies Entertainment for another film.

Murugadoss who had a spellbinding script for Surya is now planning to polish and present it for Shah Rukh Khan… Of course, the Khans are ready to offer him Rs.8Crores for a film.

So, would he get back into Kollywood? It’s a billion dollar question…

What do you think? Will he comeback to Tamil film industry for his next project or stay there in Bollywood? Type in your comments and express your views…