Rajinikanth hitchhikes for 'Endhiran'

Rajinikanth, who was struck in a traffic-jam near Ennore, where the shooting of 'Endhiran' was on, was given assistance by a group of stunt men to reach the shooting spot without getting delayed on Monday. They managed to cover Rajinikanth with a huge coat and a helmet and took him on a motorcycle to the shooting spot.

Rajinikanth was shooting for the movie at Ennore along with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Director Shankar was canning a song sequence. Rajinikanth who left his residence in a car got struck up in a traffic jam near Ennore. He called up Shankar and said that it would be too difficult for him to reach the place. A busy industrial area, the road was blocked by several rows of Lorries.

Shankar came up with an idea and sent a couple of stunt men with motorcycles. They helped Rajinikanth cover his face with a helmet and gave him a long coat. Then they took him in the two-wheeler to the shooting spot.

All the crew members including Aishwarya were surprised to know that Rajnikanth had reached the place in a two-wheeler.